Rules and Regulations

Some Rules & Regulations:

  • In order to participate in the Lakeside Event as a Pilot, HPAC Membership is mandatory. You can sign up and pay online at their website.
  • You are required to have a rating of P2/H2 or higher from a regulatory board and will be required to show proof of rating
  • Launch window is open from 9:30am to 5:30pm unless otherwise notified
  • Paragliding window opens at 9:30 am and fly 2 rounds.
  • Hang gliding window opens at 12:00pm and fly one flight
  • In order to keep the competition moving and entertaining for the spectators,
    we are requesting that:

    1. All pilots must inform the launch representative of their intention to launch with their assigned number.
    2. If there is no wind, you will make it with your glide to the landing zone. We suggest not to lose any additional altitude by trying to find thermals. those wishing to XCountry and Thermal please do so on your second or third flight.
  • Paragliding Landing rules:
    1. 2 targets to choose from
    2. Little pool on land (we suggest use this first to keep your reserve dry for additional flights)
    3. Inner tube in the lake.
  • Only one entry per pilot but any pilot may enter more than one category.
  • Due to the many pilots we have, Hang gliders have to set up at designated area only (we cleaned up a big area behind the picnic tables) and not at the ramp or paragliding launch anymore.
  • Paraglider pilots should set up and get into their harness behind the take off area. We have volunteers who will help to spread out your canopy and check your lines at the launch site.
  • Complaints are only accepted with a $50 non refundable deposit to the landing judge.
  • If there should be a tie on the target landing it will be further judged by your landing style.
  • Additional rules, requirements and suggestions will be discussed at the Pilots Meeting, Saturday morning at James Chabot beach.
And most of all – Have fun!!!